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Oh wat genoten de vier dames vandaag van die lekkere temperatuur. 

Een heerlijk kwartetje is het ze scharrelen de hele dag bij elkaar in de buurt. Voor Hippie doen ze ook geen stap meer opzij ze zijn helemaal aan deze rond rennende vrolijke flapper gewend.


Vanmiddag heeft de boerin weer heel wat wilgentakken door de hakselaar gedaan. En daar kun je weer prachtige paadjes van leggen. De dikke takken zijn in de houtwal verdwenen. Zo krijgt elk stuk weer een plekje in de natuur terug.


En de sneeuwklokjes dansen door de hommeltuin heen, daar wordt je toch instant vrolijk van?

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12 comments on “Kwartetje

  1. Why not just write a book called Why has humankind stopped inventing? and be done with it?I am unaware of any country that is still producing the kinds of iconic inventors that Gibby eulogises (assuming that they ever did – the influence of revisionism and false nostalgia is no doubt a substantial topic in itself).What if the reason is simply that the world, and the economic cimecrstancus of its nations and their peoples, has changed? If so, then no amount of proselytising will bring about a return to a (possibly romanticised) past.

  2. MondoDecember 30, 2010 at 4:23 amI’ve been following your blog for 4 years or so now GS and you’re a fixture in the Arsenal blogesphere, but I have to say you have one of the worst group of commenters and I can’t quite understand why.Anyhow, cheers for the post and to all of the poser spurs/cheslkii cum arsenal fans piss off and suck your mother’s dick.

  3. Congrats! Looks like you have a great giveaway lined up!!!I personally like to stop by and check out how you’ve continually improved as a pf blogger… Can’t wait to see what you do for the next year!!! :)Wise choice with your staff writer!

  4. What do you think the best Bunuel film is? As for Exterminating Angel, I think its message was that the bourgeousie/upper class are too lazy to leave the dinning hall, choosing to indulge themselves with food until it runs out, then are afraid to hurt their ego if they become the first one leave. Something I realise when we attend such gatherings- the inability to be the first to leave. The end sequence is also quite marvellous, now a group of people are stuck in the church and unable to leave.

  5. Slet ogsÃ¥ en del med dette. Det hjalp meg veldig Ã¥ gÃ¥ noen ganger til naprapat for triggerpunktmassasje, og knekking av øvre rygg.Som Sandra nevner er det ogsÃ¥ veldig viktig Ã¥ tøye. F. eks kan stive/ kort brystmuskulatur gjøre at du fÃ¥r problemer med øvre del av ryggen, fordi brystmusklene «drar» ryggen fremover, slik at du ikke fÃ¥r rettet ryggen skikkelig.

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