Tuinderij Ganzert


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Een groot hart voor de tuinders en de boerin, zo lief!
Gelijk opgehangen zodat de vogels kunnen genieten en wij naar hartenlust kunnen toekijken.
Dankjewel Reinie, Johan en Yvonne voor dit prachtige gebaar.
Zijn jullie ook zo blij dat de kortste dag vandaag is?
Vanaf morgen steeds weer een beetje meer licht.

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18 comments on “Hart

    • Oh wait, finish your coffee Tara…this is TODAY’s blog…I still have a chance to win!!! Again I say…whom ever ever wins this book will be SO bldeses…and I know Jesus already knows who actually needs it because he prepares each day in advance for us. What hope!

    • Hallo liebe Doris – also erstmal – ich habe keine Karte gewerkelt – des ist doch eine Streichholzschachtel *lach*Aber Deine Karte ist wirklich zucker – ich mag die Tilda so gerne – die ist so lieb mit ihren StiftenWunderschöne Farben hast Du genommen.Hab einen schönen Tag alles LiebeDoreenPS – ich kenne das mit der Zeit 🙂

    • for some reason, even though I understand the artists intention,sheltering the people embracing all etc, I get the impression that he is trying to suggest that JPII was an “empty suit”. would look much better with a full body inside. Personally GAG me

    • No one on this thread has mentioned the parental rights of the fathers who sired these children who are being aborted by their mothers. I think the Fathers should have some say in the decision to abort their offspring. I realize a lot of young men would just as soon not have the responsibility of a child to pay child support on for 18 years so they may encourage a young woman to abort. However I believe many young men would accept the challenge and be a good father if the women they are involved with would keep their babies.

    • Samstag, 06.08.2011naja deswegen hätte ich mich eigentlich angemeldet. ich hab 84k plays auf und hab eigentliclh keine lust dass ich simfy jetzt meinem musikgeschmack nochmal beibring.

    • Prima di diventare un film questa kind of a funny story è stata un libro – di Ned Vizzini – pubblicata in italiano da Mondadori con l’infelice titolo “Mi ammazzo per il resto tutto OK” ma molto bella da leggere. Magari a qualcuno può far piacere saperlo.

  1. As my life is now, I have to steal time to get my work done. 45 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Literally 10 minutes sometimes. Groggy at 5 am, sleepy at midnight. And on the train to work, at my desk before the work day starts. There's nothing pristine about my writing conditions. If I depended on my mood I'd be in trouble.

  2. Music is one of the easiest ways to get my kids to listen. I could tell them something several times and it not stick. If they hear it in song only a few times, they have it written on their hearts![]

  3. Why are forum scrapers still around? I'm looking for some reasons why our exchange database won't start defragging. 4 page 1 results are guys scraping the microsoft exchange forums?!?! Really? You guys really need an update that gets rid of scrapers…big time.

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